Hello . . .

I'm Jean. Welcome to my Neocities website. I'm a Filipino American artist and author (she/her). My website, art newsletter (Eulipion Outpost), and Ko-Fi are linked to in the navigation bar, above. Donations are welcome!

I just posted issue #103 of my arts/culture newsletter, Eulipion Outpost.

Thanks to sadgrl.online for providing this excellent layout. The header image is a mashup of digital images from Canva superimposed over my handmade art on paper ).


"Puer," the image above, was done in pencil on cold wax medium. It's based on geomantic divination. A throw of dice determines what elements go into the drawing. The "points" of the throw indicated symbols for "youthful energy." This should give you an idea of the kind of art I do. I like "chance" operations.

Attempting for the first time to post video to my neocities site:

Oh, wow. I did it! The video above is by "Tom Cooks" tom@spacepub.space

Here is a link to the video embed tutorial


I'm on Mastodon.art as @jeantangerine.

I'm on PixelFed, also as @jeantangerine.

I'm on Monterey-based MontereyBay.social as @jeanevergreen.